Strengthening male strength with folk recipes

folk remedies to increase potency

In modern times, even young men often face the problem of male impotence. Many factors contribute to this: improper lifestyle, emotional overload, polluted environment and others. But don’t panic and buy expensive drugs that the manufacturers say can cure male impotence. For starters, you can try using folk recipes to strengthen a man’s strength. The most important thing is to follow a very important rule - regular intake, because all medicines, even folk medicine, can only work with constant use.

Greens in the fight for masculinity

Surely many have heard of the healing effects of parsley on male strength. But it is worth noting that many other herbs have similar properties, such as celery, asparagus, basil, and coriander. Therefore, these herbs should be tried as often as possible in various salads and foods. But one rule must be followed: use fresh greens, as some of the beneficial properties will be lost after steam treatment.

Strengthening male strength with spices

Some spices don’t stay behind the greens, safely restoring male impotence: cloves, hot peppers and ginger. Plus, they don’t require any special preparation: these flavors can be successfully added to any food, especially meat, but it is advisable to boil the ginger root in separate boiling water and drink it like tea, especially since this herb has many otherit has beneficial properties such as strengthening the immune system and relieving inflammation in the body.

The benefits of walnuts

Nuts are considered one of the most effective drugs in the fight against male impotence. A handful of nuts consumed every day can not only strengthen a man’s strength, but also have a positive effect on intellectual activity, which is a very pleasant plus. You can enhance the effect by making a really wonderful recipe: mix a handful of nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts), transfer them to a coffee grinder, and add the same amount of honey to the resulting mixture. The daily use of this drug on a teaspoon three times a day after a few months can be felt.

Male power elixir on red wine

To cook, take 100 grams of dried apricots, prunes and dried raisins, add 1 tbsp. l. with sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves pour a bottle of red wine, preferably Cahors, and put on fire. Boil the syrup on the fire for 30 minutes without boiling, cool and apply 50-100 grams three times daily before meals.

Even more onions and garlic

Almost every onion and garlic found in the refrigerator has also proven to be a strong male force. They can be added to salads and other foods, or can be eaten separately, but most importantly, regularly. To strengthen the strength of men, nutrition experts recommend consuming 1-2 small juicy onions a day.

Nettle - an old remedy for impotence

The beneficial properties of nettle as an anti-impotence drug have been known since ancient times. Young nettle is considered the most useful - it can be eaten raw in this form, added to salads instead of greens. Nettle can also be used to cook cabbage soup - there are even special recipes for dishes made from healthy herbs. And most importantly, nettle does not lose its beneficial properties during heat treatment and even keeps it dry.