Folk remedies to increase the effectiveness of rapid action

You should consult a physician before using folk remedies to increase potency. If you have an allergy, you should take herbs with caution, some of which can cause an allergic reaction.

herbs to increase potency

Many men face the problem of potency. Age, bad habits, unfavorable external factors like stress, bad ecology, difficulties cause a decrease in potency. Men don’t always go to the doctor on such a delicate subject, so the problem that arises is by no means solved, causing a lot of trouble for the man. The initial stage of impotence can be treated with folk remedies, so you can turn to this treatment method at the first symptoms. Folk remedies to increase men’s erections are quickly eliminating the problem.

How to prepare to apply

You need to rethink your lifestyle and stop bad habits before starting treatment. The negative factor that was the beginning of the disease needs to be eliminated. To do this, you need to know what can cause a decrease in potency:

  1. Alcohol affects the strength of men. Alcoholic beverages have a strong impact on the sexual sphere. Regular alcohol consumption leads to loss of sexual capacity. So to get rid of the problem, you need to stop this bad habit, if any.
  2. Smoking is a cause of many diseases and also affects potency. Modern cigarettes contain a number of chemicals that are used to improve taste, enhance effect, and so on. In addition, the cigarette contains toxic tar, which interferes with the production of male hormones. In order to get rid of the negative effects of smoking, it is better to give up this bad habit.
  3. Improper nutrition, namely the use of fats and fried foods, negatively affects potency. Fried foods contain carcinogens that reduce the strength of men. The men's menu should regularly include plant foods and fermented dairy products.
  4. Stress, nervous system disorders, depressive states complicate the problem of potency. It is necessary to develop resistance to stress, to learn to deal effectively with problems and difficulties.

You can only start treatment after these problems have been resolved.

But it should be understood that impotence can be caused by certain chronic diseases, such as:

  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • atherosclerosis and vascular diseases;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • inflammatory diseases of the prostate, bladder, testes.

Traditional medicine methods to increase potency

Traditional medicine offers a number of effective treatments that help normalize potency. To increase your erection, use the following folk remedies for men:

  • medicinal plants;
  • Honey;
  • propolis;
  • poplar bark.

Based on the basics listed above, you can make effective medications to increase potency.

Medicinal plants

Folk remedies to improve potency include herbal treatments. With the right selection of herbs, you can quickly increase your potency. In most cases, men's strength is reduced due to inflammation or circulatory problems. Herbs can help solve this problem. With their help you can regulate blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, reduce inflammation. The ingredients needed to make medicines should only be bought at the pharmacy, and herbs should not be bought at spontaneous markets.

Nettle. Improves metabolism and stimulates urinary tract function. To prepare the medicine, take 100 grams of chopped herbs and pour 300 ml of boiling water on it. The finished product should be taken three times daily before meals.

Ginseng root is the best potency enhancer. Should:

  • chopped ginseng root - 0, 5 tbsp. l. ;
  • honey - 2 tablespoons. l;
  • such a drug should be taken orally 4 times a day, one teaspoon per dose.

Pumpkin seeds contain a huge amount of useful components that help restore male potency quickly. The seeds should be ground raw, mixed with equal amounts of honey and taken 5-6 times, 1 tbsp. l. Pumpkin seed oil is very effective in getting rid of impotence in men. The oil contains large amounts of zinc, which is an essential tool for improving erections.

Medical restorations with pumpkin seed oil are recommended to restore potency. We recommend that you perform this procedure twice a day - morning and evening. 100 g of oil should be added. This is enough for the prostate to function well and improve male stamina.

pumpkin seeds for potency

Thyme has amazing properties and can be used to treat many diseases. This herb helps a lot in the fight against impotence. It contains selenium, which promotes the production of testosterone, and molybdenum in thyme stimulates male sexual function.

It is useful to cook thyme tea. It helps cope with male impotence and prostatitis. The tea is made as follows:

  • black tea - 1 tbsp. l. ;
  • dry inflorescence of thyme - 3 pcs;
  • add honey or mint to enhance the effect.

Tea is made from the listed ingredients. Infuse for 7 minutes. The tea is then filtered and drunk.

St. John's wort helps restore potency in old age. To make the medicine, take 100 grams of dry ingredients and pour a glass of boiling water. They drink 30 grams of fluid four times a day.

Traditional garlic is an excellent male enhancer. To achieve the effect, you can simply consume raw garlic every day. And you can make medicine. There are many recipes. One of the most effective remedies is garlic with milk. For 250 ml of warm milk, take a tablespoon of chopped garlic. The product obtained is kept on fire for two to three minutes and then filtered through a sieve. The therapeutic dose is 2 tablespoons to be taken before each meal.

Ginkgo Biloba is a very popular herb in China. The substances that make up the plant improve blood circulation and prevent the development of inflammatory processes. The effect is noticeable one week after using the drug, but must be treated for three months to consolidate the result.

The beneficial properties can be found in both the leaves and the fruits of the tree. But Ginkgo biloba leaves are more suitable for treating impotence.

Tincture is made from the dried leaves of Ginkgo biloba. To prepare it you will need:

  • dry ginkgo biloba leaves - 50 grams;
  • vodka - 1 bottle.

The raw materials are poured with vodka and placed in a dark place for two weeks. The drug is then filtered and drunk 20 drops three times daily before meals. Such therapy is performed three times a year, with a course lasting at least a month.

Herbs are very effective, they can easily replace even the most expensive pills to enhance an erection. In addition, such folk remedies to improve potency are much safer and have virtually no side effects except for individual intolerance. The results of the treatment can only be felt after the completion of the full course of therapy.

honey to increase potency


Honey cures many diseases, it has a positive effect on potency. The effect will be felt even if you consume one or two tablespoons of honey a day. Garlic, nuts and herbs are added to the honey to make the medicine.

The most popular folk remedy for honey-based potency enhancer is the honey-nut mixture. To make such a medicine, take 100 grams of chopped walnuts, which can be walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and mix with a tablespoon of honey. This effective treatment will work within a week of starting treatment. The medicine should be taken with a tablespoon at bedtime.

If you mix honey and chopped ginger root in equal proportions, you can get an effective folk remedy to improve your potency. This medicine should be taken three teaspoons before meals, three times a day.

Honey goes well with carrots, wine, sage, and by mixing these ingredients you can get excellent effective agents for treating impotence.

The properties of honey are unique. Using natural honey, they make a variety of medicines that will help maintain a man’s strength for many years to come.

The amazing power of propolis

Propolis heals the whole body, enriching it with useful vitamins and minerals. It contains trace elements that maintain normal potency, as follows:

  • Iron;
  • chromium;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • vanadium;
  • Titan;
  • you;
  • silicon.

Propolis is a powerful biostimulant that helps increase potency. The drug has the following properties:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • kills bacteria;
  • strengthens the body;
  • stimulates immunity;
  • reduces pain.

You can make a propolis-based tincture to treat impotence. Ingredients:

  • propolis - 20 g;
  • alcohol or high quality vodka - 80 ml.

The propolis should be crushed, placed in a glass jar and filled with alcohol. The container should be tightly closed and stored in a cool, dark place. The medicine is given as an infusion for a week, during which time it should be shaken regularly. The finished tincture should be taken dropwise, 40 drops are needed for a glass of water. Drink the medicine before a meal, 30 minutes before you sit down at the table. The duration of treatment is two weeks. Propolis is one of the most effective folk remedies to increase the potency of men.

Poplar bark

The bark of the poplar tree is the best folk remedy to increase potency, which also helps to get rid of prostatitis. This effective cure has been known for over a century. Aspen contains phagocytes and flavonoids that have a positive effect on the entire male body. You can use it to make this medicine:

  • kidney;
  • ugat;
  • letters.

You can start collecting the ingredients yourself, but you better trust the phytopathy where you can find all the ingredients you need to make the medicine.

Caution should be exercised during treatment as incorrect dosing may cause side effects:

  • painful sensations from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • crampy abdominal pain;
  • constipation.

To avoid health problems, consult your doctor before starting treatment.

Potency-enhancing infusions are prepared as follows:

You need to cook:

  • poplar buds - 2 tbsp. channels;
  • boiling water - 1 cup.

The kidneys are poured with boiling water and cling to it for about half an hour. The medicine should be taken before a meal. To improve the taste, you can add a spoonful of honey to the finished product, this will only enhance the healing effect.

Two effective treatments, poplar bark and propolis, can be combined to create an effective drug that will help restore men’s strength.

Aspen bark tinctures are made with alcohol or high quality vodka. The bark sticks for two weeks and is drunk before each meal, 50 grams.

The results of the treatment are not long in coming, the effect of the treatment can be felt after a week. Folk remedies for the potency of men on the forum unanimously concluded that the bark helped many regain masculine strength.

Ancient folk medicine

Ancient herbalists have a very strong, well-proven recipe. In addition to being a very useful medicine, it also tastes good.

Take 200 grams to make this medicine:

  • prunes;
  • raisins;
  • dry figs.

All dried fruit must be pitted. And you will also need 12 nuts in quantity.

All ingredients should be cut thoroughly, then mixed and cooled. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. Consume 2 tablespoons of the prepared mixture daily, washed with milk or yogurt. You can use this recipe to increase your effectiveness after 40 folk remedies.


The laurel leaf bath helps to fight the disease. The bay leaf is pre-cooked and canned, then the infusion is added to the bath. You can also add a chamomile infusion to increase the effect. The bath should be removed before going to bed.

Bathing can be combined with aromatherapy. The essential oils of some plants increase potency. The aroma lamp contains oil of ginger, cumin, cypress, thyme and rosemary. All of these fragrances have the potential to increase male potency. A similar procedure can be used as a folk remedy to increase potency before the act.


Healthy foods include dark green vegetables and herbs:

  • broccoli;
  • parsley;
  • coriander.

Nuts and seeds have a good effect with low efficiency, especially:

  • cashew nuts;
  • sesame;
  • walnut;
  • pistachio;
  • almond;
  • pumpkin seeds.

Fruits and berries should be included in a person’s diet. Help fight low potency:

  • apples;
  • kiwi;
  • citron;
  • grapefruit;
  • Strawberry;
  • blueberry.

Restoring potency with folk remedies

A man’s sexual performance is related to his potential. This characterizes the ability of the stronger sex to represent, attract, and seduce the woman. Decreased potency is one of the most acute problems that worries most men, and they are most often referred to an andrologist, psychologist, sexologist. A violation of the normal process of erection, a decrease in sexual desire, is called an erectile dysfunction. If you know how to restore potency with folk remedies, you can completely restore your confidence in the power of a man in the early stages of such an illness.

Why is sexual activity declining in men?

There are several reasons for the loss of male potency, but these can be divided into two main groups: medical and psychological.

Medical reasons:

  • decreased genital vascular patency;
  • the presence of diabetes;
  • violation of blood circulation in the small pelvis;
  • diseases of the prostate;
  • venereal diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • arteriosclerosis;
  • use of steroids;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • infectious diseases of the genitals in advanced form.

Psychological reasons:

  • persistent depressive states;
  • overwork;
  • tension;
  • long-term alcohol consumption, drugs, smoking.

The best cures for restoring the strength of men

The following folk remedies have a good effect on restoring the potency of men:

  • Mustard plasters. Apply the usual mustard patches to your feet and hold for 10 minutes. Such an agent improves the blood supply to the lower extremities, the pelvic region, and thus helps to restore potency.
  • Honey lotions. Dilute 200 grams of honey in a liter of water, moisten with a napkin and apply twice a day for 10 minutes to the scrotum and pubic area. But such a recipe should not be used by men who are allergic to honey.
  • Laurel bath. Healing hot bath with bay leaf helps to restore potency with folk remedies. To make it, it is advisable to steam 10 bay leaves with boiling water, stick for 10 minutes and pour the resulting soup into the bath. This bath should be taken regularly before going to bed.
  • Ice wrap. A piece of ice helps you do what medicines can’t. All you have to do is wrap the ice cubes in a scarf and put that pack on your neck, under your neck, around your chest around your heart, and then on your scrotum. The procedure is carried out in each area for one minute until the ice suddenly begins to melt. The effect of the treatment begins to appear on the third day.
  • Aroma bath. A hot bath consumed with a sexual partner with sandalwood, rose, ginger, and geranium essential oils enhances sexual desire and restores potential. Relaxing massages can be performed with the same essential oils.

Herbs for the treatment of sexual disorders

Nature itself offers a number of natural remedies to combat sexual dysfunction. The most popular folk remedies for quick restoration of potency:

Nettle decoction

This plant contains tannins and tannins, which have a positive effect on libido, metabolic processes in the body. But it is worth remembering that nettle has the ability to increase blood clotting, so if it is prone to thrombosis, do not use it.

Nettle + wine

A tablespoon of nettle seeds should be mixed with the same amount of red wine and honey. The resulting mixture should be taken three times daily before meals.

Mix half a tablespoon of chopped ginseng root with 300 grams of honey. Remove in a dark place and infuse for 10 days at room temperature. The resulting product is consumed three times a day for one teaspoon for 2 months.

Ginseng root

This plant is called the male root or male root. With regular use, the potency increases and the blood supply to the genitals is restored, so the feelings increase with orgasm.


Its roots have a vasodilating effect and also increase the body's metabolic processes. That is why ginger is a popular folk remedy for restoring potency, as it helps to increase erection, increase the attraction to the opposite sex. It is worth using as a flavoring for coffee, tea, cocoa, or any food.


It is used to treat an existing problem and to prevent erectile dysfunction. The biochemical composition of the plant contributes to an increase in sperm activity and has a positive effect on the male hormonal background, increasing the production of the most important male hormone, testosterone, which is responsible for the performance of male functions.

Thyme tea

Restoring the potency of men with folk remedies using thyme is popular among Caucasian peoples famous for their sexual activity. When making regular tea, you only need to add a spoonful of chopped herbs.

Swamp calamus

The plant has soothing properties, helping to relieve nervous tension and anxiety. The roots of the marsh calamus must be dried and chopped. Take one tablespoon of powder and pour 5 tablespoons of vodka. Store the mixture in a cool place for a few weeks. The drug is then filtered and taken 20 drops three times a day for one month.


One of the most famous folk remedies for men to restore their potency is honey. The medicine gains great strength by adding nuts or pine nuts to the natural honey and mixing everything until smooth. If you take the medicine three times a day after each meal, your mood will improve in a few days, your sexual desire will increase and your confidence in your masculinity will be restored.

White radish

This root vegetable has long been considered a natural analogue of Viagra. How to restore erectile function with the help of folk remedies? I steamed the medium-sized turnips in one liter of milk until a viscous dense mass was obtained. A glass of carrot juice and 150 grams of liquid honey were added. The mixture was infused for several hours and taken three times a day for one week.


It helps to cope with the sexual weakness of men. For treatment, the juice should be squeezed out of its leaves and placed in a cool place. This is necessary to increase the concentration of nutrients. It is better to take the thick, fleshy lower leaves of the plant, which have already accumulated many useful trace elements and vitamins.

The 150 ml of juice can be mixed with half a liter of Cahors and 300 grams of honey. Stick the mixture in a dark place for at least a week and take one tablespoon three times a day.

Aloe juice based biostimulant

Mix 100 ml of the prepared juice with 400 grams of honey, add five lemon juice and half a kilo of nuts. Such a mixture quickly restores potency and at the same time strengthens the body's defenses, which will undoubtedly only benefit the body.


Men with potency problems should not give up green tea, as it contains large amounts of zinc, which is an essential element of male strength, as well as tannin, which strengthens blood vessels.


Restoring potency can be done with folk remedies with healthy and tasty food. Here are some examples of "men's" salads.

With turnips

Bring a small turnip to a boil, grate, add two fresh grated carrots. The salad is seasoned with honey. Such foods should be consumed every day for two weeks.


Take any seafood, bring to a boil, put in a bowl and add chopped celery, tomatoes, red onion, parsley. Salt the salad, season with vegetable oil.

A simple salad for potency

You can add a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds and a large bunch of soup to a regular vegetable salad (of any kind).

Preventive measures

Neither medications nor folk remedies to restore potency will help restore masculine strength if you don’t take care of your body.

The diet of a man with sexual dysfunction and a completely healthy man must include fermented dairy products, cheeses, cottage cheese, garlic, onions, spices, seafood, sea fish, meat and offal, lemon, mango, orange, pomegranate, fresh greens. All of these products help restore male strength and preventative measures to prevent impotence.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided, as bad habits lead to impaired prostate function and changes in hormonal background.

Lead an active lifestyle as physical activity contributes to a good blood supply to the pelvic organs, which prevents blood stagnation, which is one of the reasons for the decrease in potency. No special effort is required, just 40 minutes of active walking during the day.

In addition to herbal treatment, alternative methods of restoring potency include walking barefoot, especially on grass or small stones. Natural substances act on biological points that are mostly located on the soles, thereby activating the neurons responsible for a man’s sexual desire. Even walking on the ground or sand can increase libido and have a healing effect.

Men need a comprehensive approach to restoring potency, combining several different treatment methods in a single system. This is the only way to get good results. Potency is restored and mental status is normalized. Before restoring male potency with folk remedies, be sure to consult a doctor such as a sexologist, urologist - andrologist and therapist.